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Author M.-A. D. Storey, K. Wong, P. Fong, D. Hooper, K. Hopkins, and H. A. Müller.
Title On Designing an Experiment to Evaluate a Reverse Engineering Tool.
Publication Proceedings of the 3rd Working Conference on Reverse Engineering, (WCRE'96), Monterey, California, USA, November 8-10, 1996
Abstract The Rigi reverse engineering system is designed to analyze and summarize the structure of large software sys-tems. Two contrasting approaches are available for visualizing software structures in the Rigi graph editor. The first approach displays the structures through multiple, individ-ual windows. The second approach, Simple Hierarchical Multi-Perspective (SHriMP) views, employs fisheye views of nested graphs. This paper describes the design of an exper-iment to evaluate these alternative user interfaces. Various results from a preliminary pilot study to test the experiment design are reported.
Keywords Reverse engineering, visualizing software structures, fisheye views, user interfaces

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