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Using an Integrated Toolset for ... - Abstract
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Author M. Whitney, K. Kontogiannis, J. H. Johnson, M. Bernstein, B. Corrie, E. Merlo, J. McDaniel, R. De Mori, H. Müller, J. Mylopoulos, M. Stanley, S. Tilley, K. Wong.
Title Using an Integrated Toolset for Program Understanding
Publication Proceedings of the CAS Conference (CASCON 95),pp. 262-274, (Toronto, Ontario, November 7-9, 1995).
Publisher International Business Machines. Copyright © 1995.
Abstract This paper demonstrates the use of an integrated toolset for program understanding. By leveraging the unique capabilities of individual tools, and exploiting their power in combination, the resultant toolset is able to facilitate specific reverse engineering tasks that would otherwise be difficult or impossible. This is illustrated by applying the integrated toolset to several typical reverse engineering scenarios, including code localization, data flow analysis, pattern matching, system clustering, and visualization, using a mid-size production program as the reference system.

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