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Towards an Integrated Toolset ... - Abstract
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Author J. Mylopoulos, M. Stanley, K. Wong, M. Bernstein, R. De Mori, G. Ewart, K. Kontogiannis, E. Merlo, H. Müller, S. Tilley, M. Tomic.
Title Towards an Integrated Toolset for Program Understanding
Publication Proceedings of the 1994 IBM CAS Conference (CASCON~'94), (Toronto, Ontario; October 31 - November 3, 1994), pp. 19-31, November 1994.
Publisher International Business Machines. Copyright © 1994.
Abstract This paper describes some early results of a three-year project to develop an integrated toolset for program understanding. The implemented integration architecture involves both a global repository for all tools serviced by the architecture and a software bus serving communications among tools.
Keywords Legacy software systems, program understanding, reverse engineering.

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