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On Inserting Program ... - Abstract
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Author Kenny Wong
Title On Inserting Program Understanding Technology into the Software Change Process
Publication Proceedings of the 4th Workshop on Program Comprehension (WPC '94), (Berlin, Germany), pp. 90-99, March 1996.
Publisher IEEE. Copyright © 1996.
Abstract Program understanding technologies can be applied effectively in the analysis phase of a software change process. The analysis phase naturally follows a goal-driven metaprocess. Described are issues involved with inserting program understanding technology into existing practice and into such a metaprocess. The implied processes of program understanding and reverse engineering tools play an important role. These issues pose major problems for the acceptance of redocumentation tools such as Rigi, an evolvable reverse engineering tool. An example using Rigi and its analysis methodology for change-impact analysis is considered.
Keywords Program understanding, reverse engineering, software process, metaprocess, technology insertion.

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