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Manipulating and Documenting ... - Abstract
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Author Margaret-Anne D. Storey, Hausi A. Müller, Kenny Wong.
Title Manipulating and Documenting Software Structures
Publication In P. Eades and K. Zhang (eds). Software Visualization, Vol. 7 in Series on Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering, Series Editor-in-Chief S.K. Chang;
Publisher World Scientific Publishing, ISBN 981-02-2826-0, Copyright © 1996.
Abstract An effective approach to program understanding involves browsing, exploring, and creating views that document software structures at multiple levels of abstraction. While exploring the many relationships in a multi-million line legacy software system, one can easily lose context. One approach to alleviate this problem is to visualize these structures using fisheye-view techniques. This chapter introduces Simple Hierarchical Multi-Perspective (SHriMP) views. The SHriMP visualization technique has been incorporated into the Rigi reverse engineering system, greatly enhancing its capabilities for documenting software abstractions. The applicability and usefulness of SHriMP views are illustrated with selected software visualization tasks.
Keywords End-user programming, extensibility, program understanding, reverse engineering, scripting.

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