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Domain-Retargetable Reverse ... - Abstract
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Author Scott R. Tilley
Title Domain-Retargetable Reverse Engineering III: Layered Modelling
Publication Proceedings of the 1995 International Conference on Software Maintenance (Opio (Nice), France; October 17-20, 1995). Pages 52-61
Publisher IEEE Computer Society Press (Order Number PR07141), October 1995. Copyright © 1995 IEEE
Abstract This paper describes ongoing work on a domain-retargetable reverse engineering environment which is used to aid the structural understanding of large information spaces. In particular, it presents a layered modeling approach to representing three classes of artifacts manipulated during the reverse engineering process. The approach provides a practical and extensible method of integrating existing tools and techniques into a reverse engineering environment by leveraging results from other areas, such as relational databases, hypertext, and conceptual modeling.

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