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Domain-Retargetable Reverse Engineering - Abstract
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S. R. Tilley, H. A. Müller, M. J. Whitney, and K. Wong

Title Domain-retargetable reverse engineering.
Publication Proceedings of the 1993 International Conference on Software Maintenance (CSM 1993), pages 142-151, September 1993.
Abstract Any response to the software maintenance challenge must address the underlying problem of program understanding. One way of doing this is through reverse engineering. A successful approach to reverse engineering must be both exible and scalable. Most reverse engineering tools provide a fixed palette of analysis, extraction, organization, representation, and selection techniques. This paper describes a user-programmable approach to reverse engineering. The approach uses a scripting language that enables users to write their own routines for these activities, making the system domain-retargetable. The environment supported by this programmable approach subsumes existing reverse engineering systems by being able to simulate facets of each one, and provides a smooth transition from semi-automatic to automatic reverse engineering.
Keywords Domain-retargetable, program understanding, reverse engineering, software maintenance

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