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Resources: Notes to the Web Maintainer
Pages to Update Frequently:


Update whenever Rigi has been used successfully outside the Department of Computer Science, or if its capabilities have been demonstrated publicly (such as at a conference).


Should be updated any time a major project is undertaken, or when a major project is completed.


Whenever a document becomes available in PDF format, it should be added. As more relevant documents are written, they should also be added in PDF format, and documents that are superceded as a result should be moved to "Other Rigi Publications."


New software and hardware resources should be added to the list as they are acquired. Bruce and Johannes probably know best. Rigi modem scripts could be added once Johannes has them. Also, any new printing news, or anything else that the group might want to know relating to resources, should be added as it becomes known.


Anytime the site is modified or updated, this page should note the new time and date of last update, along with the updater's name linked to an e-mail address.


Whenever a student receives his or her degree, or leaves the school for any reason, their name should be moved to the alumni list, and their contact info should be updated as well. Hausi's new students should provide contact info, and a new page should be created for them. From time to time, someone should try to keep in touch with the alumni, so that their information is accurate.

Another thing to keep an eye on is the "mailto:" link that sends messages to the whole group. Anytime anybody's e-mail address changes, or a new one is added, this link will have to reflect those changes.

Notes to the Web Maintainer:

These pages (general.shtml, graphics.shtml, update.shtml) could be added to whenever the maintainer has a thought that might be helpful to someone taking over his/her responsibilities later on.