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Graphics Editing:

Editable versions of all graphics used in the design of this page will be saved somewhere (probably on Tolmie's hard drive). To edit or create new graphics that are consistent with existing ones, open them in Macromedia Fireworks 2.0, or Photoshop, depending on the file type. Both the buttons and the rigi logo were created in fireworks, and the sponsor logos and other images are generally Photoshop files.

The button graphics found on the left side of each page are actually saved as components, making them easy to edit and/or replace. To change the buttons, in GoLive, open the file "navigation.html" in the extras tab, under components. Examples of each state of the buttons are saved in Fireworks as "buttons1" and "buttons2". When a button is created and/or edited, be sure to export the file using the following specifications:

  • Gif format
  • web 216 palette
  • 16 colours (or more if necessary)
  • non-dithered
  • optimized
  • interlaced (for button1 only)
  • index transparency
  • most important of all, select the eye dropper (+) tool (beside the transparency menu), and click on the background colour. this ensures that the colours match under all monitor settings (Thanks Ken!!).

The rigi logo is saved in Fireworks as "dotlogo-lwrcase." It was exported in a way similar to that of the buttons, but an adaptive palette was used instead, to create a smoother appearance.