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Resources: Notes to the Web Maintainer
General Notes:

The following notes are meant to assist future web maintainers in making changes that are consistent overall with the entire site. Some of these comments may seem very obvious, but they can still serve as important reminders. Please feel free at any point in the future to contact me if something doesn't make sense. My e-mail address is iam@uvic.ca.


Any new pages should look consistent overall with the rest of the site. If anyone notices an error or omission, or if a comment is received about the site, every effort should be made to fix it as soon as possible.

Maintainers may find it easiest to use Adobe GoLive for editing, since components and stationeries (templates) are saved there, but any tool should do fine. The header, footer, and navigation sections are saved as components. This means that you can make site wide changes by altering only one document. To make a change, simply double click on a component within GoLive, make your adjustments, and all pages should automatically be updated.

Johannes also created a script for making changes to multiple pages at once, which can save a great deal of time in some cases (there are over 80 pages in the site). It was created for a very specific set of changes, but can perhaps be adapted if the need arises (talk to Johannes).