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Argument Default Description
domain current domain Domain name, e.g., c


This procedure initializes the Rigi graph model by:

  • closing all windows except for the General 1 or Root window,
  • closing all dialog boxes,
  • initializing the General 1 or Root window,
  • clearing the graph,
  • setting the domain to the parameter specified, e.g., the C-language domain, and,
  • if the domain has changed, setting the current arc type to "level."

rcl_rigi_init is one of two methods to initialize the state of the Rigi graph editor. It is usually used to change modelling domains. Unlike a similar procedure, rcl_reset, rcl_rigi_init notifies the user with a dialog box that the domain has been changed.

Return Value:





# Change from the c to the plas domain

rcl_rigi_init plas

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