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Obsolete - superceded by rcl_node_get_neighbors

Argument Default Description
nodeID - Node ID number
arcType - Type of arc to traverse to reach a neighbor
arcDirection - Direction of arc used to reach neighbor (in, out or any)
winNum 0 (active window) Window locale


This procedure searches the neighborhood around a reference node, nodeID, in the subgraph displayed in a given window, winNum, to obtain the ID's of adjacent nodes that satisfy the specified arc traversal criteria. The arcType can be any arc type specified in the domain or any. The arcDirection can specify arcs incoming to the reference node (in), arcs outgoing from the reference node (out), or either (any). Arcs that have been filtered out of the subgraph are not traversed. The winNum parameter corresponds to the number in the window title. For example, a window title of "General: 1" has a winNum of one.

The rcl_node_get_neighbors_in_window procedure is a variant of rcl_node_get_neighbors.

Return Value:

A list of node ID's is returned in a null-terminated, printable string with intervening spaces between node ID's. The string can be used as a list in a Tcl script.


If any of the parameters is out of range, a pop-up dialog box displays the error.


# Given a set of selected nodes in the General 2 window,
# collapse them with their immediate children that are
# connected by unfiltered, outgoing "call" arcs into a
# single node.

set numnodes [rcl_select_num_nodes]
set nodeid [rcl_select_first_node]
for { set i 0 } { 
i < 
numnodes } { incr i } {
	set nlist [rcl_node_get_neighbors_in_window 
nodeid \
		call out 2]
	foreach n 
nlist {
n 1
	set nodeid [rcl_select_next_node]

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