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Argument Default Description
viewName - Name of the file in which the view is stored.


This procedure reads a file containing a previously stored view. A view file contains the description of subgraphs shown in one or more Rigi windows. The view file is created by executing the rcl_save_view procedure.

The view file must directly correspond to an existing RSF graph file. It is always safest to execute rcl_save_rsf immediately before saving the view. When restoring a previously saved view, follow these steps:

  1. set the domain using rcl_rigi_init to the same domain under which the view was saved
  2. execute rcl_load_rsf with the previously saved RSF graph file
  3. execute rcl_load_view with the previously saved view file

The viewName is the full file specification (including the directory path).

Return Value:



Errors are reported if the procedure is unable to open the input file, if the view is in conflict with the previously loaded graph, or if the graph is corrupt.


# Set the domain the C-language domain. Then
# reload an RSF file with its view file from where they
# are stored in the "userdb" subdirectory of
# the data base directory. The data base directory
# is given by the configuration variable, "DBDIR."

rcl_rigi_init c
set dbdir [rcl_env_get DBDIR]/userdb

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