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Projects: Mozilla Reverse Engineering
In our Mozilla Reverse Engineering Project, we are trying to extract architectural information from the publicly available Mozilla (Netscape) source code. Here's what we have done so far:
  • The C source files of Mozilla were parsed using our C parser cparse. The 4-tuple RSF output for each file was stored in a separate file.
  • All the RSF files were fed into sortrsf, to eliminate duplicate tuples and sort the tuples for faster processing.
  • The htmlrsf utility was used to create a HTML version of the Mozilla source code with hypertext cross references and a 3-tuple RSF file for use with rigiedit.
  • In ongoing work, the graph editor rigiedit is used to identify and extract subsystems of Mozilla.

    Preliminary results:

    • The original graph has about 100,000 nodes (datatypes, variables, constants, function, prototypes).

Downloadable files:

Click here to browse the Mozilla source code online.

The RSF and HTML files available here were produced from the Mozilla version released on October 8, 1998. The Netscape Public License applies to all files provided here for download and/or display.